Hi there.

We’re Williams.

America’s original soap company, founded in 1840. For a brand to survive this long takes a lot of fortitude, but 2020 has put us all to the test. That’s why we redeployed our teams and equipment to make the kind of hand sanitizers America needs now — seriously safe sanitizers. Safely formulated with up to 80% alcohol that’s so pure, it’s pharmaceutical grade.

We control the quality of our gel sanitizers from our own FDA-compliant OTC drug manufacturing facility right here in the U.S.A. They’re designed to kill 99.99% of many common bacteria — without destroying your hands.

We’ve donated our sanitizers to hospitals and first responders because they deserve to be kept seriously safe while they’re keeping all of us safe.

Now healthcare professionals can get serious savings when they order direct from us, too.

2020 demands we take this all very seriously and make the safest sanitizers possible. Because we believe your health is in our hands.


J.B. Williams founded The J.B. Williams Co, this country’s first soap factory, in Glastonbury, Connecticut in 1840. Seven people made all the soap in 1840. The payroll doubled by 1860. The men mixed the compounds, boiled the tallow and pressed the soap into bars. Women wrapped and labeled the products. It was one of the first factories to hire women. A company carpenter built the wooden shipping cases and crates. The print shop made all the labels. When enough crates had piled up, a nearby farmer came by with his wagon and carted them into Hartford for local distribution or to a nearby steamboat dock, where they were shipped to New York City and around the world.1

A lot has changed since then, but the roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic and commitment to making top quality personal cleansing and sanitizer products for Americans is still core to the Williams brand today. Check out some of our old ads and packaging from back then. It’s much better for you than watching the news in 2020.

1Source: "J.B. Williams Put Soap, Glastonbury On The Map" by David Rhinelander, The Hartford Courant